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I want to buy a franchise

I want to buy a franchise

Kit will help you evaluate your franchise opportunities by guiding you through the legal rights and responsibilities of franchise ownership every step of the way. It’s an exciting yet nerve-wracking time and Kit understands that. He’s been there before. Kit’s due diligence process will provide you with the confidence to move forward so you can pull the trigger on the opportunity that is best for you.

I want to sell my franchise

I want to sell my franchise

Whether you are a single or multi-unit owner Kit will prepare all the documentation and put into action an exit strategy that will maximize your profits and minimize your stress, to deliberately and swiftly enable you to begin your next venture.

I need help with my existing franchise system

I need help with my existing franchise system

Both mature and emerging brands have constant legal needs that only a franchise lawyer can help with. Let Kit provide the counsel and guidance so that you avoid costly mistakes before they happen. If there have already been some missteps, don’t worry, Kit can fix them, and get your franchised business back into compliance and on the right track to growth and profitability.

I want to franchise my business

I want to franchise my business

Kit has helped numerous brands launch into the amazing and exciting world of franchising. Let Kit harness your enterprising spirit and guide you through the process of making your dreams a reality. From start to finish, Kit will be there with you every step of the way and will equip you with the tools you need to become a franchising allstar.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are looking to sell or looking to buy a franchise system, it is in your best interest to have someone like Kit onboard who can help you navigate through the due diligence process. M&As are one of the most transformational and stressful events in the life of a business - be sure you’re making the right moves and call Kit.

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The eponymous Kit Franchise Law was founded by Kristian Deane Higgs who is simply known by his nickname “Kit”. Not Kip. Not Kid. Not Kitt with two “T”s. Just Kit … A family man first, who also happens to love his work and the outdoors, especially the ocean.

Kit recognizes that regardless of what help you need, a successful relationship must always begin with mutual trust and understanding. It’s not enough to simply know what you want, but why you want it and what you are willing to do to achieve it.

Kit has been there before, from providing advice and counsel to first-time franchisees to providing M&A due diligence to exiting franchisors, Kit will have a plan for your success.

Kit’s authentic and honest approach to franchise law gives you access to his background as in-house counsel for a legendary franchise development firm that grew fledgling concepts into nationally recognized rock-star brands. Kit also served as General Counsel for one of the brands that took off like a rocket ship with over 200 studios sold within ten months after launch.

That concept quickly earned the attention of Wall Street and as the head of the legal department Kit eventually oversaw the successful sale of the entire franchise system. To this day Kit serves as of-counsel to the parent company that is the largest boutique fitness franchisor in the world with more than 2,100 studios across the world with over 405,000 active members.

How Kit Helps Franchisors & Franchisees

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Time and time again, clients call Kit approachable and relatable. Some have even said they were shocked he’s a lawyer … in a good way! It is a workstyle he developed early in his career and honed as an assistant prosecutor in child abuse and juvenile delinquency. Kit understands that business boils down to relationships and trust, and how well you build them determines how well they build your business. His focus on people continues to be a pillar of his approach to problem-solving especially now that he is a father to a young son. 

Did You Know?

  • Kit not only met Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) at Jerry’s engagement party, but he was able to convince Jerry to leave the party for nearly half an hour, despite literally bumping into him and nearly knocking the cocktail out of his hand minutes earlier.
  • Kit is not the best singer and that’s putting it mildly, but for fun he was the lead singer in a high school rock band. That band separated after just 2 live gigs, but the remaining members of the band went on to become quite famous. Kit hasn’t picked up a mic since.
  • Kit’s most memorable road trip was during college when he drove a rented van 2 hours each way deep into the heart of Kentucky. He was under strict orders to speed and not stop at any traffic signals the entire way. He also had no idea where he was going, but he was driving the lead civilian driver in a Presidential motorcade. They actually let him drive right behind the Presidential “package”. Kit still doesn’t know how he managed to pass the Secret Service background check.
  • Kit’s happy place is saltwater fishing. Inshore, nearshore, offshore, he loves it all. And he absolutely loves sharks. So much so that Kit’s friends designed a tie and bowtie with a shark print and labelled it the “Higgs”.

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“I couldn’t have asked for a more diligent and insightful franchise lawyer than Kit Higgs. His meticulous analysis of the FDD truly impressed me. Thanks to Kit’s guidance, I made an informed decision that has proven to be invaluable in navigating the complexities of franchising. I wholeheartedly recommend Kit’s services to anyone seeking expert legal counsel in the franchise industry.

- Alex H., Franchisee Candidate in Kansas City, KS (Rolling Suds)

As a first-time franchisee, I feel so grateful I was introduced to Kit. He walked me through the documentation, and called out risks and opportunities I never would have spotted otherwise… Money well spent!

- Tyler W., Franchisee Candidate in Miami Beach, FL (Gameday Men's Health)

What I like about Kit is that besides his franchise knowledge, he always takes my calls day or night, and provides me with the information I need to make swift business decisions. Franchising isn’t always just about AUVs; you have to take into account the personal relationship between franchisor and franchisee and Kit does that in spades.

- Ryan Junk, COO, Xponential Fitness, Inc. (NYSE: XPOF)

Kit was immensely helpful not only pointing out key points in my FDD but walking me through the whole agreement so I could easily understand how everything fit together.  I highly recommend engaging Kit early in your process as his experience and attention to detail will be a benefit to your decision making.

- DJ B., Franchisee Candidate in Nashville, TN (Anchored Tiny Homes)

As a first time franchisee, I feel so grateful I was introduced to Kit. He walked me through the documentation, and called out risks and opportunities I never would have spotted otherwise… Worth every penny!

- Tyler W., Franchisee Candidate in Miami Beach, FL (Gameday)

Kit has continuously provided me with outstanding franchise and business legal advice. I love having him in my corner on negotiations/issues as it’s been clear I have the more experienced attorney at the table. I recommend his services to all of my colleagues in franchising and beyond.

- Joe DeMarco, Owner and Co-Founder of SalesRevv & Local Barre Social Club

I hired Kit for seller-side due diligence during the acquisition of our family business and he could not have done a better job. He was laser-focused, kept his cool during the stressful times, and even managed to maintain his sense of humor. I’d hire Kit again and you should too!

- Patrick Pitrone, former owner and president USA Insulation Franchise LLC
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