Experienced Compliance Counsel for Franchisors

Franchisors of all sizes have extensive compliance obligations. Not only must they comply with state and federal franchise laws, but operating a franchise system necessarily entails various other statutory, regulatory, and contractual compliance obligations as well. Add in that PE and VC firms aren’t just looking at AUVs, EBITDA  and KPIs, but also want to see flawless compliance, clean files and an exemplary litigation history.

Kit assists franchisors with all aspects of compliance. From developing compliant franchise systems to maintaining effective compliance programs on an ongoing basis, Kit works with franchisors at all stages of the business lifecycle.

Kit’s Compliance Services for Franchisors

What does it take to maintain a compliant franchise system? The question is more complicated than initially meets the eye. For example, a typical franchisor will need to address compliance in the areas of:

  • State and federal franchise law compliance
  • Antitrust and securities compliance
  • Advertising and disclaimer compliance
  • Franchise agreement compliance
  • Gift Card and Promotion compliance

For most franchisors, Kit’s compliance services begin with developing a comprehensive and custom-tailored compliance program. By clearly outlining his clients’ compliance obligations—as well as what they need to do in order to meet these obligations—Kit puts his clients on the path to success. Kit then provides ongoing compliance consulting services as necessary, from managing franchisee-related issues to normal day-to-day operations.

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If you have questions about compliance (or if you have concerns about your franchise system’s current compliance efforts), we encourage you to get in touch. To learn more about how Kit provides franchisors with peace of mind, call 513-223-3125 or request a confidential initial consultation online today.