Ready to Expand Overseas? So is Kit.

For many franchisors, building a franchise system in the United States is the ultimate goal. For others, it is just the first step. International expansion opens up extraordinary new opportunities, and it is within reach for franchise systems of all sizes.

We provide comprehensive legal representation for franchisors that are preparing to expand overseas. Just like the United States, many foreign countries have laws that establish disclosure requirements and regulate the franchise sales process. To expand successfully, franchisors must address these requirements and regulations upfront—as noncompliance can lead to setbacks, additional costs, and litigation.

Kit Helps Franchisors Grow Their Systems Worldwide

In many ways, expanding internationally is similar to establishing a franchise system in the United States. For example, starting an overseas franchise operation typically involves establishing a new business entity, securing international trademark registrations, and developing a country-specific franchise compliance program. Kit guides his clients through all necessary steps, taking a systematic approach to ensure that his clients can pursue their international growth targets with confidence.

Kit provides ongoing representation for franchisors operating internationally as well. From keeping foreign Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) up-to-date to dealing with franchisee-related issues, Kit offers full-service representation tailored to each country’s specific laws and requirements. Kit will also work with local counsel to help his clients maintain compliance and resolve disputes as necessary.

Inquire About Kit’s Services for International Franchisors

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