What I like about Kit is that besides his franchise knowledge, he always takes my calls day or night, and provides me with the information I need to make swift business decisions. Franchising isn’t always just about AUVs; you have to take into account the personal relationship between franchisor and franchisee and Kit does that in spades.

Ryan Junk, COO, Xponential Fitness, Inc. (NYSE: XPOF)

I hired Kit for due diligence during the acquisition of our family business and he could not have done a better job. He was laser-focused, kept his cool during the stressful times, and even managed to maintain his sense of humor. I’d hire Kit again and you should too!

Patrick Pitrone, USA Insulation Franchise LLC

Kit has continuously provided me with outstanding business legal advice. I love having him in my corner on negotiations/issues as it’s been clear I have the more experienced attorney at the table. I recommend his services to all of my small business colleagues.

Joe DeMarco, Owner and Co-Founder of Local Barre Social Club