Kit Serves As Outside General Counsel to Franchisors in All Segments of the Industry

All franchisors need experienced general counsel. But, relatively few can afford to make a full-time in-house hire. At Kit Franchise Law, Kit provides outside general counsel services to franchisors of all sizes, custom-tailoring his services to each client’s specific needs and budget.

Through his outside general counsel services, he offers a cost-effective solution to managing franchisors’ ongoing legal needs. As former in-house counsel for a 200-plus unit franchisor, founding attorney Kit Higgs has a clear understanding of what it takes to effectively manage franchisors’ legal risks and compliance obligations on an ongoing basis. Kit advises each client personally; and, by getting to know his clients’ executives and becoming familiar with their operations, he is able to provide proactive and insightful advice when clients need it most.

Never Make Another Uninformed Decision

Kit’s general counsel services encompass all of the legal aspects of operating a franchise system—both in the United States and abroad. This includes legal aspects that are both specific and non-specific to franchising. For example, in a typical outside general counsel engagement, Kit will provide advice on matters such as:

  • General Corporate Matters – From forming new subsidiaries to closing mergers and acquisitions, Kit can assist with all types of general corporate matters. Kit also frequently advises clients regarding financing deals, owner exits, reorganizations, and other corporate issues.
  • Franchise Registration and Renewal Management – Kit can oversee the management of your franchise system’s registration portfolio and handle all necessary FDD registrations and renewals. He can also advise regarding necessary updates to the FDD and Franchise Agreement.
  • Franchise Agreement Negotiations – Franchisors must be careful when negotiating Franchise Agreements with prospective franchisees. Kit brings well over a decade of relevant experience to the table.
  • Franchise Renewals, Transfers, and Terminations – When serving as outside general counsel, Kit also assists franchisors with managing franchise renewals, transfers, and terminations. This includes handling approvals and negotiations for renewals, transfers & assignments, and handling default notices and other necessary steps when exiting franchisees from the system.
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution – By working with franchisors’ executives to address issues proactively, Kit is able to help franchisors avoid disputes in many cases. When disputes are unavoidable, Kit works with franchisors to target efficient, cost-effective, and favorable resolutions whether it is through mediation, arbitration or litigation. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management – Kit’s outside general counsel services also encompass compliance and risk management. Franchisors have a variety of compliance obligations, and they must manage their risks effectively in order to maximize their profitability.

Inquire About Kit’s General Counsel Services for Franchisors

If you would like to inquire about Kit’s outside general counsel services for franchisors, we invite you to get in touch. To schedule an appointment with founding attorney Kit Higgs, please call 513-223-3125 or send him a message online today.